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Same Mischief... different day
These aren't the droids you're looking for...
12th-Oct-2015 11:20 am - Hello
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief
Hello LJ, how have you been?
22nd-May-2014 11:28 pm - Day 278
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief
Finding my stride again.

Set myself a big goal and I'll have to *work* to achieve it.

Got out early tonight and did THREE laps around town (4.65 miles) before I had time to talk myself out of it. Wasn't that hard really, just had to carve out the time and set my mind to it. Of course having my Zombie Missions make it 100% more fun.

Feel pretty good now.  Not too tired and feet only a little sore.

My calorie count was a little high today, so that's why I added the extra lap (see line above about Big Goal).

21st-May-2014 11:30 pm - Day 277
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief
Decided to "take it easy" today and only did one lap around town (1.55 miles)

Now that I'm done and back home, I wish I'd done more.

Oh well.
20th-May-2014 11:47 pm - Day 276
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief
3.1 miles with Zombies run... after my Chorus rehearsal.

Almost talked myself out of it.  But didn't.

19th-May-2014 11:34 pm - Day 275
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief
After running on low for so long, it gets hard to pick up momentum.

I think I need to WILL myself to get out and exercise. REALLY exercise, not this phoneing it in nonsense.

Like I did tonight.  3.1 mile walk around town (two laps around town to be exact).  Felt nice to be out.  Soon as the music starts I get a little pep in my step.

I've lost my momentum, and it's hard to get going again.

"An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion"

I just need to muscle through this and get my momentum going again.  I know I'll be happy when I do.
22nd-Apr-2014 11:50 pm - Day 248
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief

Got my Kinect today along with 2 dance games.  Tried out the dance games just a little, and played Fruit Ninja with my daughter... I must have been active for a good 20 or 30 minutes easy.  I didn't really keep track.  But I had fun.

20th-Apr-2014 10:14 pm - Hello
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief
Hello Livejournal. How have you been?
1st-Jan-2013 09:01 pm - Christmas 2012
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief
And while I'm thinking of it. Our 2012 Family Portrait

Kasey is 7
Victory is 3
1st-Jan-2013 08:54 pm - Big Girl Bed
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief
Set up the Big Girl bed in Victory's room today.  Decided to bypass the Toddler Bed and put the twin in (sans frame).  We still have the crib in the room - that she can freely enter and exit for some time (with the aid of a stool).  For the time being she has the choice as to which she can sleep in.  Tonight I'm giving it a 50/50 shot.

More PicsCollapse )
1st-Jan-2013 06:23 pm - 2013 = Awesome
Me, Hat, Default, Mischief
Hello 2013 good to see you. 

2012 was nice, I don't have any complaints, but I always like the potential a new year offers.

As a general rule I don't like to make resolutions.  However this year I'm taking a different approach.  My resolution for 2013 is to BE AWESOME.  It's really more of a mindset then a definitive goal.

I'll elaborate a little. 

I'd like to drop some weight, that would "Be Awesome"
Gaining strength and stamina would "Be Awesome"
Getting more sleep would "Be Awesome"
Fixing my hair and make up more often would "Be Awesome"
Doing great things with my kids would "Be Awesome"
Kicking butt at contest would "Be Awesome"
Running 5Ks would "Be Awesome"
De cluttering my home would "Be Awesome"

You get the idea. 

Not every day will be awesome.  Not every choice will be awesome. 

Happy New Year!
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